Despite his lies, deceit, and cruelty they turned out to re-elect the naked emperor

Donald Trump is not the brightest bulb in the shed, far from it.…. but he is not that dumb to believe that he won the election that he lost handily. Donald Trump holds the belief that somehow he was wronged in 2016 when the Democrats questioned his win. In fact, Donald Trump believes that the past four years has been one continuous question mark against his presidency.
In brief, that is exactly why he decided to cast doubt on the Biden win, and he will continue to smear the presidency of Joe Biden with every bit of energy in his body.
Donald Trump is a small man in a big man’s body; in his small mind, he believes his actions after the elections was his way of getting back at the Democrats.
The jury s still out, and will still be out, on what harm Trump’s actions will have on the nation going forward.

But how were the Democrats supposed to act when thirteen Intelligence Agencies said that the Russians interfered in the elections on Trump’s behalf, and Donald Trump said he didn’t believe them.
How were people supposed to feel after the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak was in the oval office with Trump, and only Russian media right after he took office and fired Jim Comey, the FBI Director?
Not only was Trump hamming it up with the Russians, but he also berated the former FBI Director to them. It was a shocking display of unpatriotism to the average observer; here was an American president berating his own countryman, a previously highly placed public servant to foreigners.
I shed no tears for Jim Comey; for all, we know Comey may have helped to give us Donald Trump when he decided to reopen investigations in October of 2016 in Hillary Clinton’s e‑mails.
James Comey reopened an investigation and made damaging public statements after he concluded that there was no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the former Secretary, in the fraudulent e‑mail scandal dredged up by Jim Jordon of Ohio and Trey Goudy of South Carolina.
James Comey should have made no statements against Hillary Clinton. If he had no evidence to prosecute her on, he had no right to make comments against her. His actions were prejudicial and extremely harmful to Secretary Clinton and her campaign.
James Comey vastly overstepped his bound, and he should never be entrusted with any government position ever again.



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Mike Beckles

Mike Beckles is a former Police Detective, businessman, freelance writer, black achiever honoree, and creator of the blog